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To a Disney loving mom who works in the community managing / social media world as I do, the Disney Social Media Moms conference is EVERYTHING! I have watched in amazement year after year as this conference kicked off each spring. Hoping, and yes, even praying, that I too would eventually receive the elusive invitation. Finally, the pixie dust filled email reached my inbox. To say that I am humbled, grateful, thankful, and a tad overwhelmed to be included this year would be an understatement.

Disney Social Media Moms

Disney Social Media Moms

Disneyland – 30 years ago.

I’m so stinkin’ EXCITED!

  • I’m excited to grasp nuggets of wisdom from the amazing speakers they have lined up for us.
  • I’m looking forward to networking and hanging out with some smart, funny, creative people.
  • I’m still trying to wrap my head around participating in my first Disney Fun Run with Biggest Loser winner Ali Vincent.
  • I’m overwhelmed at the thought of being a part of Disney history when we attend Merida’s royal coronation ceremony of at the Magic Kingdom. She will soon be the 11th Disney Princess!
  • I was hoping we would get a sneak peek at the new Monsters University movie coming to theaters June 21st. Today we found out that we will indeed get a 2 week advanced screening of the movie. Yippee!
  • I’m feeling incredibly blessed to share this experience with my sister and her family.
  • I’m super excited my sister and I will celebrate Mothers Day together at a Garden Party themed Mother’s Day brunch.

It’s truly overwhelming!

From the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Team

The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration was created as one of the first family-friendly conferences where social media savvy moms and dads can network, learn, and share knowledge of social media while experiencing the magic of Disney with their families. Our goal is to provide an intimate experience packed with access to industry leaders and opportunities to network with peers.

Why Disney?

You might wonder why it is that I love all things Disney as much as I do.

Disney Social Media Moms

Disney Cruise in October

Once upon a time, I worked as a Disney Cast Member, 10 great years of pixie dusting guests both young and old. It was as a Cast Member that I had the opportunity to learn what the Walt Disney Company was really about. Walt Disney, affectionately known as “Uncle Walt” to those who love him, created something so special and left a beautiful legacy for the world to enjoy. He created wonderful family friendly movies with life lessons to carry us into adulthood. He created a wondrous fantasy land where families could enjoy spending time together while making magical memories that would last a lifetime.

“Walt Disney liked the purity of childhood. If you look at all of the animated films he did, the ones he directed and had a great deal to do with, there was no slang ever used. He had Jack Cutting checking all of the different countries, so that there was no hand movement or body movement that meant anything but good.” – Alice Davis

Cast Members are privy to much of the Disney “magic” found behind the scenes, “backstage”.

Have you heard of the Seven Disney Service Guidelines? The world would be a much happier place if we all followed them…

  1. Disney Social Media Moms

    Minnie and my 1st born in the tummy.

    Be Happy…make eye contact and smile!

  2. Be like Sneezy…greet and welcome each and every guest. Spread the spirit of Hospitality…It’s contagious!
  3. Don’t be Bashful…seek out Guest contact.
  4. Be like Doc…provide immediate service recovery.
  5. Don’t be Grumpy…always display appropriate body language at all times.
  6. Be like Sleepy…create DREAMS and preserve the “MAGICAL” Guest experience.
  7. Don’t be Dopey…thank each and every Guest!

All of the above and so much more are what makes Disney so special!

Of course, long before I was a Disney Cast Member, I was a Disney baby.  I grew up in a Disney loving family; trips to Disneyland and Walt Disney world with immediate and extended family were taken often. Many wonderful memories were created at the parks, and continue to be made with our own children.

Disney Social Media Moms conference is no different, the coordinators of this one of a kind conference go above and beyond to make the conference as magical as possible for the entire family. This year’s conference is already proving to be an experience of a lifetime. Thank you Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Team!

Walt Disney

I think the phrase “Go BIG or go home” was coined by Walter E. Disney. 😉


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  1. Dee says

    I loved reading this, Tiany! I feel your excitement and how blessed you are. Enjoy every moment!

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