Night Out with Family and Net10 Wireless #Net10Latino

It's been a little over a month now that our family has tested out the Net10 Wireless service and I have to say our boys have been a bit spoiled with their own phone and the husband has been spoiled with the money we saved on phones and service! With Net10 Wireless, everyone in the family can get their own smartphone, plus unlimited everything—all for half of what a contract plan would charge. Our family recently had … [Read more...]

NET10 LG Optimus Net No-Contract Touch Screen Prepaid Cell Phone


As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am currently trying out an LG Optimus Net as part of the Net10 Wireless Phone Test Drive Program. I have been using the  LG Optimus Net, an Android-powered, prepaid smartphone for the past month. {when my boys have not swiped it from me} This smartphone offers powerful performance and great features at a very affordable price. The greatest advantage to this phone is the amount of … [Read more...]

How Important is a Healthy Confident Smile? #Giveaway


Through the daily grind of motherhood, we are forever cleaning, carpooling, moving, working, teaching and refereeing. It's easy to frown, to feel worn out and spent. Feelings of frustration and distress can easily come across to our children as they look upon our facial expressions. There is one simple, quick, and effective way to make yourself feel better and make those around you feel better too.... just smile! Smiling … [Read more...]

Brainetics – Math & Memory System Review


"Brainetics teaches your brain to behave like a computer. It will receive information, store it and memorize all the relevant information while ignoring the unnecessary information."   We have been given the opportunity to try out Brainteitcs as a family, it has been a fun time for us to spend together...learning!! Brainetics is a fun supplement to improve math and memory skills. It teaches helpful math … [Read more...]