Bump Style Box – a chic maternity boutique delivered to your door.

Bumpstyle Box

They’re all the rage right now and with a quick search, you’ll find the perfect mail to order box for just about anything.  Mail to order boxes are a great way to discover a plethora of new products, from makeup boxes and toy boxes to boxes of wonder and now maternity clothes! BUMPstyle Box is a chic maternity boutique delivered right to your door. Though it's not considered a subscription box service because you only … [Read more...]

No Bagged Salad for Me

I'm a community leader this month over at the ABC News community "A Million Moms Cahllenge".  Million Moms Challenge seeks to engage a million Americans with millions of moms in the developing world facing issues impacting pregnancy, childbirth and children's health. The goal is to create a global community, building on the common hope that every mother shares for her child: a healthy pregnancy and a baby who will survive … [Read more...]