Save Big for a Bright Future with Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education™

Many of our schools here in Baton Rouge participate in the Box Tops for Education™ program, one of America’s largest school earnings loyalty programs, with over 80,000 k-8 schools participate. My husband is a public school teacher, teaching music students at different schools in the Gifted & Talented program. Though we homeschool, my husband sees and feels the tight budget times our local schools face. In a time when … [Read more...]

NEW – AtPlayMusic – Recorder iPad App


One instrument our boys have been playing since they were very little is the recorder. Children are naturally attracted to the recorder and they are the perfect instrument to introduce them to the world of music. The recorder is also a gentle, stress free way to demonstrate sight-reading and listening skills. Research has shown that the benefits of music education in early childhood can last a lifetime! Early music … [Read more...]