NEW Adaptive Placement Test with individualized lesson plans – Giveaway


Are you concerned that your child may have learning gaps in Math? Identifying and closing those learning gaps has never been easier with with the NEW Adaptive Placement Test with individualized lesson plans  from A+ Interactive Math. A multi-grade level testing that  accurately assesses student skill level. This is the time of year when we are beginning to evaluate the school year and prepare for the coming year, the … [Read more...]

Homeschool Curriculum


If you have no interest in the concept of home schooling you can skip to another post about social good, apps or iPhoneography. If you have the slightest curiosity about the homeschool on! We are often asked why we homescool and the answer seems to get longer and longer with each year that passes. This will be our 6th  year of homeschooling! Though we really do homeschool from birth...don't we? I will give … [Read more...]