Box Tops for Education – Box Tops Giving Box

Box Tops For Education Craft

The greatest gift we can give to our children is to instill a heart of giving, service and empathy. All children are born with an innate sense of charity and compassion, it's our job as parents to nurture it. According to the experts, our brains are hardwired for empathy.  When we show empathy towards a child we are expressing both the compassion and unconditional love which form the very bedrock of a nurturing … [Read more...]

Operation Christmas Child – It’s Not Too Late! #OCCGiving

Operation Christmas Child

It's National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child! As parents, we want to teach our children kindness, compassion, and generosity all year long. But especially during the holidays we want to do something special and give to those that might feel left out around this time of year. Last week  I shared a post about our OCC experience and how the boys have enjoyed putting together boxes for other little boys the … [Read more...]

Hurricane Sandy – Ways We Can Help


The aftermath of Sandy along the Eastern Seaboard has left so many of us feeling helpless as we see the images of still flooded neighborhoods, flattened communities and desperation in the voices of people who have lost everything. For those of us in Louisiana, it is all too reminiscent of Hurricane Katrina. Almost 2000 people lost their lives during Katrina – solidifying the storm as one of the deadliest hurricanes in … [Read more...]

Operation Christmas Child – Gift of Giving #OCCGiving

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My first ministry is at home, this includes leading my children to the Lord, that they would love God, that they would be compassionate and caring to all people and emulate Jesus. If we are to emulate Jesus (John 13:15), then our actions and words should touch people as His did.This past January I shared on Homeschool Village the many ways we try to serve and give back as a family throughout the year. Now that the … [Read more...]