Protein Packed Blueberry Yogurt Bites

2015-08-07 09.47.31

I used to laugh when moms of teen boys would offer helpful advice and try to prepare me for a time when our boys would attempt to eat us out of house and home. Never could I have imagined the reality of a growing boys escalating appetite until I was faced with it myself. We are here, we are that family with four boys proclaiming that they are hungry 20 minutes after their last meal. My new mission has been finding meals … [Read more...]

One Pot Meals with Mazola® Sobrecitos® & Giveaway


Being Latina and raising a family in the Tabasco capital of the world {Louisiana} means that every meal made in our home must be spicy and flavorful! Improving the flavor of food is the essence of cooking after all! Being big on spice and flavor when cooking, I was excited when asked to try out a new "must have" kitchen staple.... Mazola® Sobrecitos® Mazola® Sobrecitos® delivers the delicious authentic taste I expect … [Read more...]