How Important is a Healthy Confident Smile? #Giveaway


Through the daily grind of motherhood, we are forever cleaning, carpooling, moving, working, teaching and refereeing. It's easy to frown, to feel worn out and spent. Feelings of frustration and distress can easily come across to our children as they look upon our facial expressions. There is one simple, quick, and effective way to make yourself feel better and make those around you feel better too.... just smile! Smiling … [Read more...]

Move over Olympic athletes, make way for moms – An interview with Ondina Lopez


I know you have seen them, the heart warming commercials you can't get through without tearing up. The P&G  "Thank you, Mom" campaign is a beautiful testament to mothers who have helped their children through the grueling daily grind toward becoming an Olympic athlete. Mother's sacrifice, encourage, inspire and teach their children be the very best they can be. I recently had the honor to participate in an … [Read more...]