Unglued Book & Devotional Prize Pack Giveaway

We have ALL been there, we have all come "unglued" at one point or another. {Sometimes daily} Mothering is a difficult job, throw in homeschooling and its a whole new ball game...right? In reality, this homeschooling journey is simply "parenting". However, mothering is not at all easy and it takes a great deal of patience, sacrifice and more patience. I struggle to keep my emotions in check, my flesh would have me … [Read more...]

Land of the FREE?

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I have lost hope in our country.... God has turned his back on us, he has not heard our prayers.... No longer FREE.... These are just some of the comments I have read this morning after the election. I have to say that I am saddened. Why so little faith? Why are we putting God in a box? We are FREE to worship God! We are FREE to Vote! We are FREE to get an education! We are FREE to dress as we like! {and not … [Read more...]