Summer Bike Safety with PreK12 Plaza

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with the PreK12Plaza. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Like most parents,  I constantly worry over the safety and well being of my children. With four very active boys, I feel like I am forever yelling out for them to be careful, watch what they are doing, concentrate on the task at hand, get off, don’t throw, don’t jump, stop running or put on your helmet!

Especially during the summer months when we ride our bikes as a family and my boys ride their bikes throughout the day… summer bike safety is not only necessary but can be life saving. Naturally, summer  brings an increase in injuries related to biking. Safe Kids Worldwide informs on their website that more children ages 5 to 14 are seen in emergency rooms for injuries related to biking than any other sport. Our boys have already dealt with enough broken bones and emergency room visits to know that bike safety is not negotiable.

PreK12 Plaza Summer Bike Safety

My first rule before the wheels start turning on a bike, skateboard or scooter is helmet on head! Each year in the United States, about 800 bicyclists are killed and another 500,000 end up in hospital emergency rooms. About two-thirds of the deaths and one-third of the injuries involve the head and face. Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury  by as much as 88 percent.  For kids and adults alike, wearing a properly fitting bicycle helmet is the most effective way to prevent a life- threatening head injury.

Take the bike helmet test!

Learn how to fit your child’s bike helmet in three easy steps, EYES. EARS. MOUTH. in this video created by PreK12Plaza.

We went through a period with each child, especially the oldest two, where wearing a helmet wasn’t cool, they just didn’t want to wear a helmet. It wasn’t until we took a field trip to the local Police Station and an officer talked with the children about bike safety and the importance of wearing a helmet and pads. He shared true stories of children who had not worn protective gear and how their outcome could have been different if simple safety measures were taken. The field trip changed their outlook and they no longer question the need for their helmets. Thankfully, there are plenty of incredibly cool helmets to choose from.

 PreK12 Plaza Summer Bike Safety

Here’s a bike safety checklist that will help keep kids safe when bike riding.

  • Use your head, where a properly fitted helmet.
  • Wear appropriate clothes! You want to wear bright clothes people can see, not too baggy or hanging down.
  • Ride your bike straight, don’t swerve.
  • Ride with a friend or family member.
  • Ride on the right side of the road, with traffic, not against it.
  • Look both ways for traffic.
  • Keep your eyes on the street ahead, use a sidewalk if available.
  • Watch out for cars and make eye contact with drivers so they know you are there!
  • Put reflectors on the front and back of bike.
  • Obey traffic rules.
  • For parents, this one is a no brainier… supervise your children!

PreK12 Plaza Summer Bike Safety

If you have little ones, this fun and catchy song from PreK12Plaza will help teach them how to stay safe when riding their bike….

 Most importantly, have fun! Our family has created lasting memories with our summer bike rides. There’s nothing like the freedom of riding a bike for a child… wind blowing in their face and the sweet smell of summer in the air. With the PreK12Plaza summer safety tips and videos, we can all enjoy a fun and safe summer of family bike rides!

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    That’s a really great checklist. My boys love to get out there and ride their bike and of course I want to make sure they’re safe.

  2. says

    My oldest son is learning how to ride a bike. This is so helpful! He has a helmet, but I had no idea how to check for proper fit and have been concerned about his safety.
    Chelsea Day recently posted..The Poopy Cycle of ParenthoodMy Profile

  3. says

    These are great rules, I have to admit, I don’t enforce it all the time since my kids are still on four wheels, but after reading the statistics, I think we need to make it a mandatory rule.
    Heather recently posted..Fixing Cosmetic Damage To WoodMy Profile

  4. CourtneyLynne says

    This is a really great list! My daughter is just getting to the age where she’s going start riding a bike. Exciting and scary at the same time lol

  5. says

    I totally agree with this post! I am all about wearing helmets because I see accidents like this all the time! It’s scary!

  6. says

    Bike safety is very important to me! Especially when it comes to kids! For those people who refuse to wear a helmet and or make sure their child do, it really upsets me as I have seen first hand the effects of what happens after the facts when people’s lives are changed forever!

  7. says

    Like you, I have two very active and energetic boys, but it is a shame that I wasn’t preventing bike accidents requiring the helmets to my boys…not even me. So I started using it this past weekend and now my kids think I’m cool after their friends saw me riding my bike in the road when they were getting home with my husband from a baseball game. The fitting test is very easy to do for us and for them.
    Mayra Rodriguez recently posted..Viendo ballenas & delfines en Dana Point, CaliforniaMy Profile

  8. says

    Safety is very important, I’m an auto claims adjuster and the summer is full of cyclist related accidents! It’s SO important to wear the proper gear and stay protected. It’s cliche but definitely better safe than sorry!!!
    Anna recently posted..You Likely Never Purchased A Car This Way BeforeMy Profile

  9. says

    When I was a kid, helmets were just coming out. I remember being made fun of a lot because we wore them sometimes. I’m glad that it has become more common and accepted for kids to have the added safety of helmets. Most people don’t get injured riding bikes, but the few that do make every helmet worth it.
    Erin recently posted..Feature Friday: Stephanie CoronadoMy Profile

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