Princess Merida’s Royal Coronation and Controversy

I don’t remember the last time I filled 4 short days with so much knowledge, inspiration, excitement and cherished memories. I have many posts lined up to share the magical experiences we had at the conference which took place at  Walt Disney World. As part of the 2013 Disney Social Media Moms Conference / Celebration, we had the opportunity  to attend Merida’s Royal Coronation. It’s not every day that we get to experience Disney history in the making! The previous addition to the Disney Princess family was Rapunzel from “Tangled,” whose 2011 coronation took place in London at Kensington Palace. We were given media passes that led us into the Magic Kingdom before it opened to the public, as if that was not magical enough, we also had a special viewing section which allowed me to take the up close and personal pics you will find below.

Royal Invitation


Before Merida’s coronation, we enjoyed a Princess breakfast where we were  introduced to the new Disney Princess campaign “I am a Princess”.  Today’s Princess is brave and determined. Compassionate and kind. Smart and strong.

If you have a little Princess, this site is a must… activities, games, products and more for each of the 11 Disney Princesses.

Disney Princesses –

Image Taken by Josh Hallett the Great!

Breakfast – Image taken by Josh Hallett

Image Taken by Josh Hallett the Great!

New Merida merchandise on display at Disney Social Media Moms Breakfast  –  Image Taken by Josh Hallett


We had some adorable pre-coronation entertainment by Sophie Grace and Rosie.


 Sophie Grace and Rosie opened the ceremonies with a little song and dance. So cute!


Gabby Douglas, Olympic Gold Medalist, and her mom shared a sweet Mother’s day message before the coronation.



Then the princesses arrived and you could hear the gasps coming from the crowd, little girls yelling out to their favorite princess.  One by one, the Disney Princesses were introduced. ***Magical***


Then the highlight, Queen Elinore stepped out even more beautiful and regal then I think any of us imagined she would be.


merridas mother

Queen Elinor gracefully crowned her daughter with the following words…

“I see the best of our past and the best of our future. I am proud of all that you are and all I know you will become, I am proud of you, my daughter.”

Merrida Coronation


Princess Merida Royal Coronation or Controversy



And then the hug, so real and heartwarming, we forgot that what we were witnessing was made of fairy tales.



And then…. the moment that sent gave way to tears, goosebumps and a little dose of girl power through the veins of this self professed Mama Princess. Merida proclaimed to the audience…

 “I am strong. I am brave.  I am Merida…and I am a princess!”





Video: Full Merida coronation ceremony as 11th Disney Princess

Video: Merida’sRoyal Court – All 11 Disney Princesses introduced.


Merida Disney Controversy

Before and After

Much controversy has surrounded Merida’s coronation with the introduction to the newly made over Merida. Like most fans, I prefer the original Merida. Thankfully, the blinged out Merida is not here to stay.

Disney has retracted its initial makeover and confirms that the new image will appear on product packaging in a limited context, as it was never intended to replace the original Merida we have come to know and love.

Why are we, as parents, leaving it all up to the Walt Disney Company to mold and nurture our children’s thoughts, aspirations and character? While most Disney messages are positive, encouraging and try to build confidence in girls,  it’s still our responsibility as parents to influence our children and continue the discussion of what is good, right, fair and appropriate.

So back to the important stuff… it’s official – Merida, star of Disney-Pixar’s Brave, is now an official Disney Princess. Princess Merida is the 11th  member of the Disney Royal Court.

Disney Princesses

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the 2013 Disney Social Media Moms conference which included a package of lodging, admission to the parks, meals and special events with conference fee. No additional compensation was provided, opinions, magical updates, shares and posts are my own.

Thank you Walt Disney World, Mom Talk Radio, Hanes, H2O Plus and Rayovak for a once in a lifetime experience!

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