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Your child’s education doesn’t have to stop in a book, there’s a cornucopia of educational apps that will keep your child’s mind active in and outside the classroom! My boys are visual learners and love to learn with educational apps. I will go to great lengths to get them to read, often. They love reading books and they enjoy reading ebooks, especially when they get a chance to create their own ebooks!  One such app is the newly launched eBook Plaza from PreK12 Plaza, a new, free, bilingual, multimedia resource, providing teachers and parents with blended lessons supporting English-language standards.

The eBook Plaza app provides free access to hundreds of eBooks in six reading levels each, in English and Spanish. In addition, it allows students to create their own eBooks, adding text, images, and their own voices.

eBook Plaza

The benefits of eBooks and blended learning are many! Your child will have the opportunity to work independently while improving phonemic awareness and print-concept awareness.  They will also develop literacy skills while increasing engagement at all levels. Most importantly, blended learning can result in improved student success, satisfaction, and retention.


The eBook Plaza app also has multiple functions that can enhance the learning experience. Listening to the eBooks being read while reading helps students with dyslexia, reading challenges, or visual impairments. It can also reduce eye strain, improve foreign language learning and promote listening skills. All content is conveniently grouped by grade and the app is seamless, easy to navigate and kid friendly. The eBook Plaza app also aligns with state standards including reading, speaking, and listening!

eBook Plaza

Your child will also have the opportunity to get those creative juices flowing by making their own eBooks, adding to the hundreds of books already in the app  in English and Spanish.

eBook Plaza

The free eBook Plaza app is available on  iTunes,  Google Play and Amazon Marketplace.  Additional information and downloads are available at: PreK12Plaza (English) or Plaza Bilingüe (Spanish) You can learn more about PreK12Plaza and follow them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

eBook Plaza Contest

Download the eBook Plaza app and create an eBook. The creators of new ebooks will be entered on a contest for the opportunity to win a $50 Amazon gift card. We will giveaway Four (4) $50 Amazon gift cards. The contest starts on Nov 8 – Nov 27. The winner(s) will be announced on Wednesday, November 28.

eBook Plaza Twitter Party:

Please join me for the Bilingual eBook Plaza App Twitter Party this Tuesday, November 15th at 8:30 pm EST. Use the hashtags #eBookPlaza #PlazaBilingue

ebook Plaza Twitter Party updated

This is part of a sponsored collaboration ̊with the PreK12 Plaza. However, all opinions expressed are my own. #eBookPlaza #PlazaBilingue

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