Day One On The Disney Magic – Galveston, TX

I’m a product of two Disney loving parents; when I was not watching The Wonderful World of Disney,  I was watching the old Disney Classics {Pollyanna, Summer Magic} or listening to my collection of Disneyland records. I have been going to the parks since I was one, creating family traditions and making memories along the way. Now that I’m a mom, there is nothing more special than reliving those wonderful Disney memories {and making new ones} with my boys.

  Last year, when planning for our Walt Disney World family vaca, my mother suggested we try something new and go on a Disney Cruise. I had never been on a cruise and I had absolutely no desire to ever go on a cruise.

Why would I EVER want to go on a Disney cruise when I could go to Walt Disney World and get the full Disney experience on dry land? Plus, I’m susceptible to car sickness, I tend to get a bit claustrophobic in closed spaces and I’m a germaphobe! AND I think I may have watched Titanic one too many times.

Never, ever would I go on a Cruise…. until.

Until I received the invitation to be a Guest on the Disney Magic out of Galveston, TX with my family. How could I possibly pass  up the chance to take my boys on this Ultimate Field Trip! A  7 Night Western Caribbean Disney Cruise with ports of call including Grand Cayman, Costa Maya and Cozumel!

With great hesitation I went forward with our plans to go on the Disney Magic, the boys were on cloud nine as we counted down the days to our trip.

I think it took all of  five steps onto the ship before every preconceived notion I had created in my head was erased. I must say, I was a bit overwhelmed and teary eyed as I walked through the lobby, I felt like I was walking down Main Street towards Cinderella’s Castle for the very first time. It was a Pixie Dust filled ship to say the least!

Our cabin looked nothing like I had imagined, let’s just say the bed was larger than my bed at home and we comfortably slept 5. I will share more about the rooms later, but it was roomy, comfy and the view from our over-sized veranda was breath taking. I got a tad queasy on the first night, I popped a Dramamine and was good for the rest of the trip. As for cleanliness… the Disney Magic Cast Members spoke my language! We could not enter a restaurant or buffet without having antibacterial wipes handed to us, sometimes twice! Signs where everywhere, reminding folks to wash hands well and the bathrooms were clean and tidy {of course} it’s Disney after all.

There was never the feeling of being rushed, no hustle and bustle!

We did not have to wait in lines, no need for a fast pass!

We did not get a quick 5 minutes with our favorite characters….No,  you can hug, dance, read books, play games with them and more!

The service was amazing and though we were taken care of as if we were royalty, it felt more like friends and family were taking care of us. I wanted to pack Sudhir, Gary, Neno and Loyd into our luggage and bring them home with me. Yes, we had the same 4 servers / hosts all 7 days.

I had friends try to explain how amazing our adventures on the Disney Magic would be, but there really is no way to fully express how wonderful every aspect, detail and experience on a Disney Cruise is. From Broadway-quality shows, 3D movies, nightly entertainment, talent shows, kids clubs, pool time, family activities, spa, gym, deck  parties, fireworks and quality time with our most beloved Disney characters, there is really nothing like a Disney Cruise experience! There is something for everyone… families, couples, singles, young and young at heart!  I promise to touch on each of these in depth in future posts.

Here is a 5 minute snippet of our first day aboard the Disney Magic…


Cruising on the Disney Magic and visiting beautiful destinations made this the best vacation! It was so good that we have cancelled our Walt Disney World trip for next October and we are planning on going back to Galveston with extended family to board the Disney Wonder! Yes, next October, the Disney Magic will be swapped out with the Disney Wonder….but that’s not all! This week, Disney Cruise Line announced plans for its first trips to Jamaica, to begin in late 2013!

Also, Kids Sail Free! For a limited time, kids ages 17 and under sail FREE when traveling with 2 full-fare Guests in the same stateroom on select 6-night and 8-night sailings from Galveston, Texas.

You can learn more about Cruising with Disney  by “Liking” the Disney Cruise Line on Facebook , Follow @DisneyCruise on Twitter, watch more videos on Disney Cruise You Tube or stay up to date on the latest news via the  Disney Cruise Line Blog.

Disclosure: My expenses for this cruise were paid for by Disney.  However,  the opinions, excitement, experiences and text are all mine. 😉

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