Contour from Cox Recap – It’s a Keeper!

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“I am a member of Everywhere Society and a Cox Communications’ brand ambassador reviewing Contour by Cox. Everywhere and Cox Communications have provided me with compensation and a 6-month trial of Contour in exchange for my coverage of this product. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.”

It’s been a little over three months since we switched to Contour from Cox Communications. The personalized viewing options along with the Contour App have not only simplified and organized our viewing experience but allowed us the flexibility to watch what we want, when we want.

Contour from Cox


What is Contour by Cox?

Contour by Cox is an innovative television viewing experience. It combines the most compelling components of Cox’s existing cable offerings with a transformative and highly personalized experience for consumers. Consumers in the 21st century are creatures of convenience with little time to watch live programming. Fitting their favorite shows into their schedules is key to maintaining viewership. Moreover, viewers also crave engagement and interaction and Cox knows that.

The fact that we are able to record up to six shows at once is mind-boggling. Considering, we were the family that was often “stuck” between shows. Previously, we were only able to record two channels at once and we had to watch one of those two channels. Now we have the flexibility to watch what we want, when we want, where we want, without compromising our DVR preferences.  No worries of running out of space and frantically deleting shows to make room for more; Cox Contour has a storage capacity of 300 HD hours or 1,000 standard definition hours. In other words….. we will never run out!

Cox Communications, the seven people living in this house thank you!

As mentioned above, the husband and the boys enjoyed the multiple DVR options the best. The option to record multiple football games while watching the game of their choice is somehow priceless to my sports loving guys.

Contour from Cox

I personally took a liking to Cox Contour’s personalized viewing experience with my own user profiles and personalized recommendations. The keyword being “personalized.” I don’t usually have the time to look for upcoming shows or movies to watch and I often find out about movies after they have aired, no help! However, with Cox Contours personalized recommendations, I get a personalized display on my profile with recommendations based on my previous viewings. This is what you call… “TV Just for Me”

It’s simple, you watch your favorite programs and within 24 to 48 hours, green diamonds begin to display in the Contour program guide indicating a recommended show.  The recommendations improve over time as you watch TV, building better recommendations for you. The Contour app is a close second favorite, it has saved us a couple of times when we were on the go.


Last but certainly not least, one feature I have not shared in previous posts, one that we have recently been using daily, is Pandora.
Pandora is a free personalized Internet radio service. Enter a favorite artist, track, comedian or genre, and Pandora will create a personalized station just for you. This is especially nice during the holidays when we have Christmas music on throughout our homeschool day. Cox already has some great music stations but Pandora personalizes your music experience allowing you to listen to your favorites.


Our family has enjoyed and continues to enjoy Contour from Cox. As with anything new, we have had a few bumps or freezes on the road, but nothing that could not be fixed with a quick reboot of the box. Cox customer service has been speedy, professional and always helpful.

The final synopsis… Cox Contour is a Keeper!

Cox Contour is available in the following markets: San Diego, Orange County, Rhode Island, Cleveland, Kansas, Baton Rouge, Connecticut, Central Florida, New Orleans, Omaha, Oklahoma City, Hampton Roads, Roanoke, Macon, Las Vegas, Tulsa, Gulf Coast, NoVA, Arizona

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I wish we had Cox here in Mass. This sounds awesome.

  2. says

    So how out of the loop am I that I had no idea what Cox was until I read this post lol…. Thanks for posting 😉

  3. Catherine S says

    This sounds really great. The app sounds neat. I will have to see if they are in our area.

  4. says

    Cox Contour sounds really amazing, I like how it recommends you shows that you might like viewing; that’s awesome!

  5. says

    We do not have cox so I know we can’t have this box but I love it. All the reviews sound great so far. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Fi Ní Neachtáin says

    Oh I wish we had Cox here in Ireland. It sounds like such a great service.

  7. says

    The Contour by Cox looks like a great device. The personalized profiles and being able to record six shows at once would make watching TV even better.

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