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It’s hard to believe that summer break is soon coming to an end. The smell of campfire s’mores will soon be replaced with the smell of new pencils and crayons.  The beginning of a new school year is usually received with many emotions… excitement, hesitation and even worry. Parents may worry about their children’s school readiness, and with good reason; 100% of students will experience some type of summer learning loss during the summer months. Students lose approximately 2.6 months of  grade level equivalency in math over the summer months and 2 months in spelling. However, there are number of things we can do to encourage our children to warm up for school and prepare them to start the school year off on the right foot.


Keeping up with math and reading is extremely important in order for children to retain what they have learned and prepare for the next grade level.

There are many ways to keep children engaged 0ver the summer, keep learning activities, books, math manipulatives and learning tools readily available at all times. Make it a priority to get outside and explore, a trip to the neighborhood or a nearby park can be a terrific learning experience.

Kids can participate in summer learning events and learn online! Whether you are a homeschooling family or your kids are heading back to traditional school, you’ll love the fun and educational activities found at PreK12 Plaza.


The Prek12 Plaza educational platform has the perfect summer program for all grade levels. PreK12 Plaza has prepared a plethora of hands-on activities to engage children through healthy, creative, academic challenges with their  Summer Victory Challenge.

From reading, writing and math to history, tech, video and even ebook creation. Your child can enhance their vocabulary skills and learn about different countries, best of all,  you can personalize your child’s learning goals by subject, grade and/or language!


PreK12 Plaza seeks to ignite the genius in every child. They use technology to offer children the very best quality education through a solid foundation in Math and Language Arts. Their online curriculum is fully bilingual and the content is culturally relevant and authentic. PreK12 Plaza not only guarantees graduation, but they work towards college readiness. They wholeheartedly believe that ALL of our kids are college material. Subscribe to PreK12Plaza to learn more and the kids warmed up for a successful school year!  PreK12Plaza

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Please join me for a fun bilingual Back to School Twitter party this Wednesday, August 10th  at 9pm Eastern when we will discuss summer learning loss, Prek12 Plaza and all things back to school!

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