Mini Caprese Salad – A Kid Friendly Lunch!


Future Fortified is a campaign that helps women and children around the world gain access to the essential nutrients they need to lead healthy, enriched lives. Ensuring good nutrition during the first 1000 days of a child's life (conception to age 2) puts children on the right track to reach their full potential. The fight against poverty begins with a child’s education. And every child’s education begins with good … [Read more...]

Curious George Twitter Dance Party #CuriousGeorgeMoms


Calling all Curious George fans!! Exercise your creativity! Do your children love to dance? I have four little monkeys of my own who never seem to stop dancing, they choreograph their own routines and perform them for us. Dance is a wonderful form of expression and exercise for adults and children alike! George is celebrating the arts with his first ever Curious George Dance Contest! Video tape your children sharing … [Read more...]

Health Resources From Centrum’s #NutritionPossible


Walking down the Vitamin isle at an grocery store can seem a bit overwhelming, there are so many different brands, vitamins and supplements to choose from. How does one know which vitamins are most beneficial? Do you know what is lacking from your diet that you might need to supplement? The makers of Centrum® know that navigating the supplement aisle can be confusing and choosing the right foods to make sure you’re … [Read more...]

17 Day Diet – Chicken Vegetable Soup


This recipe is from Cycle One of the 17 Day Diet. (Seems to be the same recipe  in the Dr. Oz book "You: On a diet".) The 17 day diet is broken up into cycles that take 17 days each, patterned to confuse the metabolism. The 17 day diet cycles also call for 17 minutes of exercise a day. Cycle 1 allows 1,200 calories a day, Cycle 2 allows 200 more calories and 2 carbs servings, Cycle 3 allows more calories including 1 … [Read more...]