Online Learning – Debunking 4 Myths

Online Learning

Numerous myths and misconceptions still exist about homeschooling and other non-traditional education options, especially online learning. Virtual schools, such as Connections Academy, have grown in popularity in recent years—and yet the myths about this school choice persist. As a homeschool mom for 16 years, I know firsthand that the online education experience can be just as successful as any traditional … [Read more...]


Master Karate Todd Workout

Have you ever wanted your child to get involved with the martial arts but didn’t know how to start or even if they would like it? We have a very special online event happening now through January 31st! The Homeschool Lounge has partnered with Ford Brothers Productions to bring you "MASTER KARATE TODD ONLINE KARATE TOURNAMENT," for children ages 5 to 10. We have some great prizes too! All lessons can be learned with the … [Read more...]

$750 Homeschool Curriculum Funds Giveaway

Homeschool Curriculum Giveaway

The 1st Annual "Last Minute Homeschool Curriculum Funds" Giveaway Welcome friends! We are excited to bring you a giveaway designed to bless homeschooling families with "last minute funds" to use to purchase curriculum in their homeschool. This year is the very first year and we have three amazing prizes! We are giving away $750 in cash prizes to the homeschool community THREE winners will each receive a $250 cash … [Read more...]

A Simple Plan – Family Homeschool Planner

Mardel Homeschool Planning

***We are also giving away a $100 Gift Card for Mardel Christian & Education onThe Homeschool Lounge*** It's that time of year...already. Time to start planning for the coming homeschool year! I like to have planners figured out and filled in early. {I'm a planner} My personal and homeschool planners are something I start searching for at the beginning of the summer. As year round homeschoolers, I like to schedule … [Read more...]

Why Teach Them Diligently Convention? #hsttd

970 x 360 Featured Speakers

It's homeschool conference season and the time to start planning for the coming homeschool year. There has only been one conference that has truly resonated with our families vision. Teach Them Diligently Convention encourages and offers support to families that strive to make discipleship a priority in the home. It's a conference that stands upon Biblical foundations and while it definitely covers the academic side of … [Read more...]

Homeschooling Through the Holidays – Lapbooking


What is a Lapbook?  A lap book or lapbook is a type of single-subject book created by a student  to organize and display what they are learning. Think scrapbooking for a particular topic with lots of hands-on learning fun! As a mom of boys, I have found lapbooking to be the perfect learning tool, especially for little ones A lap book generally consists of a file folder that you open and fold so that it looks like … [Read more...]

Homeschooling Through the Holidays – Baking

Cooking with Kids! Lessons to learn in the kitchen!

Over the next two weeks I will be sharing some of the ways that we homeschool through the holidays. If you missed previous posts, you can view them all here.Today’s topic in the 10 day series is Baking / Cooking with children!   With all of the baking and cooking happening in the kitchen during the holidays, we might as well put some little helpers to work and teach them a thing or two while we're at it! The … [Read more...]

Schooling Through The Holidays – Crafts


Over the next two weeks I will be sharing some of the ways that we school through the holidays. If you missed previous posts, you can view them all here. Today's theme in the 10 day series is CRAFTING! I can honestly say that we do more crafts during the holiday months than we do the entire year. Since we take a break from our formal lessons, we have more time to do crafts and science projects that we might not have … [Read more...]

Schooling Through The Holidays – Nature Study


No matter how hard we try to slow things down during the holidays, there is still so much to be done between home keeping, entertaining, decorating, projects, baking, gifts, crafts and schooling... the holiday months can get extremely full and become rushed and chaotic. Years ago we decided to take some time to truly enjoy the season from Thanksgiving to New Years. It's my favorite time of the year, so slowing it down … [Read more...]

Homeschool Curriculum Clean Out Giveaway

Homeschool Curriculum

In preparation for the coming homeschool year, I started cleaning out our homeschool inventory a few weeks back.  In the process, a few items were left out of our Goodwill boxes and I am hoping they will bless one of YOU! As part of Jolanthe's Curriculum Clean Out over at Homeschool Creations, I have listed the items that I am giving away! This giveaway includes: {ALL items are NEW never been used!} A … [Read more...]