Online Learning – Debunking 4 Myths

Online Learning

Numerous myths and misconceptions still exist about homeschooling and other non-traditional education options, especially online learning. Virtual schools, such as Connections Academy, have grown in popularity in recent years—and yet the myths about this school choice persist. As a homeschool mom for 16 years, I know firsthand that the online education experience can be just as successful as any traditional … [Read more...]

PreK12 Plaza launches new eBook Plaza app – Contest

eBook Plaza

Your child's education doesn't have to stop in a book, there's a cornucopia of educational apps that will keep your child's mind active in and outside the classroom! My boys are visual learners and love to learn with educational apps. I will go to great lengths to get them to read, often. They love reading books and they enjoy reading ebooks, especially when they get a chance to create their own ebooks!  One such app is … [Read more...]

Combat summer learning loss with PreK12 Plaza

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 9.36.12 PM

This is part of a sponsored collaboration ̊with the PreK12 Plaza. However, all opinions expressed are my own. #PreK12Plaza It’s hard to believe that summer break is soon coming to an end. The smell of campfire s’mores will soon be replaced with the smell of new pencils and crayons.  The beginning of a new school year is usually received with many emotions… excitement, hesitation and even worry. Parents may worry about … [Read more...]

The Power of Clean Water Experiment and Giveaway

Power of Clean

Disclosure. I am participating in a paid campaign on behalf of P&G and The Motherhood to share information about the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program. One of my family bucket list ideas is to take our family on a mission trip to a developing country, there is nothing like experiencing what it's like to live in a developing country and see the needs first hand. Last year, P&G provided our family … [Read more...]

Game Day Fan Favorite Recipes with Old El Paso™

old el paso

Game Day! Nothing brings more excitement to our neighborhood than game-day. We are known in Louisiana for our elaborate tailgating / football parties and of course FOOD! Food is shared among family and friends throughout the day and cooking is done the day before or first thing in the morning. Baton Rouge offers a unique game-day atmosphere with it’s strong traditions and community spirit. I've partnered with Old El Paso™ … [Read more...]

FREE Math Curriculum for a Year – Video Lessons w/ Automatically Graded Worksheets & Tests!

Free Homeschool Math Curriculum

More and more I see moms asking for recommendation for an online based math curriculum. When juggling multiple grade levels, toddlers and babies... online curriculum can become a life saver! has a new online program that DOES EVERYTHING for you, including teaching, grading and tracking. The downside to online curriculum is usually the cost. Many find the prices for online curriculum to be a bit … [Read more...]

Hairy ‘N Scary – Halloween Dangers for Dogs


During the week of Halloween, especially the weekend of Halloween, calls to the veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline increase by 12 percent, making it the call center’s busiest time of year. We have all heard stories of the dogs eating children's left out Halloween candy, unfortunately some candy can be poisonous to dogs. Candy wrappers and wreak havoc on their tummies as will overindulgence and raisins. In large … [Read more...]

Albertsons Goes Peanuts with The Peanuts Movie


I have always enjoyed sharing childhood memories with my boys, whether it's family memories, candy, a song, movies or characters... nostalgic conversations always take me back in time. As parents, we often find ourselves recalling a fond memory and wishing we could recapture that moment and we often do through our children. The Peanuts are one of those rare and special childhood gifts that we get to share with our own … [Read more...]

The Power of Clean program – clean water for families in need

Power of Clean

Disclosure. I am participating in a paid campaign on behalf of P&G and The Motherhood to share information about the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program. Do You Know the Power of Clean Water? There is nothing like water to quench thirst on a hot day or to warm you up on a cold day. My drink of choice is water, I get my full 8 glasses a day if not more.  Many of us don't even think about water, as … [Read more...]

Let’s ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for ALL.


Today's heroes are often celebrities, actors, singers, athletes and entertainers, children look up to them and want to to be like them. I think it's time that we introduce our children to a new type of hero... the real super heroes of our time, the ones that saves lives, the ones that daily serve their communities and help protect and nourish the lives of others, Community Health Workers.  I was able to spend a week with … [Read more...]

LivingTree – Bridging the gap between parent and teacher


This is part of a sponsored collaboration with the LivingTree. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Today more than ever, it's so important to be involved in a child's education as well as staying connected and informed with your child's school and teachers. However, staying on top of a child's daily activities, lessons and homework is not always easy. It can be difficult to know exactly what your child is doing … [Read more...]