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Are you concerned that your child may have learning gaps in Math? Identifying and closing those learning gaps has never been easier with with the NEW Adaptive Placement Test with individualized lesson plans  from A+ Interactive Math. A multi-grade level testing that  accurately assesses student skill level.

This is the time of year when we are beginning to evaluate the school year and prepare for the coming year, the perfect time to see how your child is doing with mathematics and fill in any gaps before the end of the year.

I wish I would have had this 8 years ago! This would have been a great resource to have through our years of homeschooling, since filling in gaps is crucial for success with all mathematics programs and curriculum. While trying out the program, we discovered learning gaps with two of our boys, a big surprise to me. With the individualized lessons, filling the gaps is simple, with just 30 minutes or less a day.

Children forget or simply never fully grasp a concept and this adaptive placement test finds your child’s weak spots and provides a plan to tackle any challenges, while also measuring the student’s progress.

I have love that A+ Interactive Math includes audios, visuals, and text in their lessons and the new Adaptive Placement Test with Individualized Lesson Plan has the same added benefits.

The program is easy to use and students can make great progress in just 30 minutes or less per day!

A+ Interactive Math‘s Adaptive Placement Test w/ Lessons is not just for homeschoolers, every student, parent and teacher should have access to this type of program. This is a great resource for any parent that wants to make sure their child is grasping all math concepts throughout the year. You can use this program to “Identify & Close” learning gaps in Math regardless of what Math curriculum you are using.

How does the placement test and individualized lesson plan work?

Each student creates his own profile with a dashboard and takes a “unit test” for each major concept to identify their current skill level.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 2.55.32 PM
The program then creates a comprehensive, “Individualized” lesson plan your student will follow and hopefully master.

Adaptive Placement Test with Individualized Lesson Plan

Parents measure progress using various easy-to-read, visual, reports as the student masters various skills and closes learning gaps. Students will love to see their progress a they move through lessons.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.15.57 PM

What is included?

The Adaptive Placement Test with Individualized Lesson Plan for one child is  just $29.99, originally $49.99.
$10 for each additional student.

An individualized lesson plan includes the following:
* Colorful, engaging and fun multimedia lessons that teach math concepts using audio, visuals and text. Lessons make frequent reference to examples from daily life to make learning math more relevant.
* Interactive Review for each lesson identifies and closes learning gaps by automatically re-teaching math concept if student provides an incorrect answer to any questions.
* Worksheets to apply math concept and practice problem solving with automatic grading and tracking.
* Various reports to measure student progress.

The Adaptive Placement Test is a must have for homeschool families! Nothing can replace the confidence of knowing your child is retaining all math concepts, especially as you prepare to move on to the next grade level.

Learn more and follow A+ Interactive Math online through their websiteFacebook and Twitter.

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Also Available:

A+ Interactive Math also offers complete line of comprehensive math curriculum for your homeschool journey. It offers several options to meet your individual needs and budget. The Family Math Packages give you the most flexibility and functionality.

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  1. Tabitha Dupuy says

    I tell myself ” They will not learn everything , but they will learn what they need to know to be successful later in life”.
    I try to give them quality work instead of quantity.

  2. says

    I think many children hate math as a school subject and have learning gaps in math. It’s great to know that there are now lessons to help them with it while homeschooling.

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    My sister in law does this with a bunch of local students and her business is really blossoming. I wish she lived closer so she could prep my kids.

  4. says

    I think these kinds of things really work for some children. For mine, they work best when we are active and learning 🙂

  5. says

    I have a son who has asperger’s syndrome whom I home school. This placement test would help me know the areas he may need additional help. I entered and hope to win!

  6. Rosey says

    It’s definitely a good price. I love that you’re offering it in a giveaway!

  7. says

    That’s very awesome, we need this in my two kids it would be really helpful.

  8. Jodi O'Dell says

    Math has always been my nemesis. I fear I utterly failed to prepare my oldest child so I’m trying to find a better way for the rest of my kids. Thanks for the informative post!

  9. says

    This is a great resource. So many kids have a hard time with test taking. My oldest is currently taking Terra Nova tests this week.

  10. eliz frank says

    This sounds like a terrific learning tool for kids of all ages. Having a solid grasp of the fundamentals of math is key to success in school.

  11. Bonnie @ wemake7 says

    What a great giveaway! I would love to get this for my kiddos. This will be great for a lot of kids.

  12. CourtneyLynne says

    This is something I could of used in school!! I was an A student in everything but math! I have just accepted at this point in my life I’m not a math person and never will be lol…. Glad stuff like this exist for my daughter if she were to take after me 😉

  13. Rebecca Swenor says

    This is awesome for kids in the summer months while on vacation. I used to make up test for my kids during the summer months. It was so they would not forget what they had learned from the following school year. I would have loved to have these tests and lessons. This I will have to share with my sisters. Thanks for sharing.

  14. says

    I have seen this somewhere and forgot to look into it for the boys. I can gauge where they are kind of, but it would be good to have a tool to help get some real results.

  15. Shannon S says

    After 16 years of homeschooling, the only method Ive found that works is keeping track of what skills they miss often. Not always effective as I get distracted at times and forget to write it down. 😮

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