A Simple Plan – Family Homeschool Planner

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It’s that time of year…already. Time to start planning for the coming homeschool year! I like to have planners figured out and filled in early. {I’m a planner} My personal and homeschool planners are something I start searching for at the beginning of the summer. As year round homeschoolers, I like to schedule our year from June to July.

A Simple Plan Homeschool Planner

Thanks to Mardel Christian & Education, I was given the opportunity to try out a new homeschool planner. “A Simple Plan – Planner for the Homeschool Family” is a very sturdy, meaty planner with plenty of room for listing making, organizing and of course planning.

Here is an in depth look into “A Simple Plan” Planner for the Homeschooling Family…


Features include:

  • Sample pages
  • Weekly schedule forms for each student
  • Curriculum and semester goal pages
  • Yearly overview pages
  • To-do lists
  • Special activities section
  • Reading lists
  • Attendance keeper
  • Space for notes, prayer requests, and supply lists
  • Curriculum tracker
  • Grading chart
  • Extracurricular activities tracker
  • Plus encouraging Scriptures at the beginning of each new month!

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is how beautiful this planner is! The graphics, design and scriptures are lovely to see throughout the planner but not to much to distract from the overall look. Simple and elegant would describe the look of this planner as you can see…




 I love the TABS! A definite necessity for any planner. 






I happen to be a paper and pen kinda gal, but for those of you that would rather digital planning, Mardel also has a FREE online homeschool planner, A Simple Plan Online, based on the print planner. The online planner has the same outline and features as the printed planner. You do get a couple added benefits with the online planner, you can not only create assignments and manage them for each student, but you also have the option to print them by day or week. You can also create reports and transcripts for each student and print them for record keeping.

My Mardel Homeschool Planner


There is a complete line of products that coordinate with the Simple Plan Family Homeschool Planner. Each product in the line features a turquoise and black swirl design, and was created to function independently or in tandem with the rest of the collection.

Mardel Homeschool Planning

A Simple Plan –  Planner for the Homeschooling Family is currently on sale for $14.99!

Now for the giveaway!

One winner will receive A Simple Plan Homeschool Planner!

Please follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. {The only mandatory entry to enter this giveaway is to leave a comment below!} Giveaway ends Monday, August 5th at 11:00pm.

We are also giving away a $100 Gift Card for Mardel Christian & Education on The Homeschool Lounge, please be sure to enter that giveaway as well!

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Disclosure: I was given A Simple Plan – Planner for the Homeschooling Family in order to share my thoughts on the planner with you. All thoughts, videos, text and love are my own!

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    • Norma Jean Wallace says

      I have tried a few planners over the years but let them fall by the wayside. This simple planner looks great and like something I might would actually use!

  1. Wendi S says

    I love to plan out our homeschool year…the hardest part of homeschooling for me is following through with all of our great plans 🙂

  2. says

    Sticking to a routine and is hard for me and my little, I’ve been hoping a planner would help that

  3. Courtney Bautista says

    My biggest homeschool challenge is trying to cover everything & hoping that I teach my kids enough each year. 🙂

  4. Sabrina Hubbard says

    This looks great.

  5. Jennifer Baldwin says

    I need so much help planning. I’ve never really planned. i’ve kinda gone with a month by month approach. sometimes week by week depending on what works.

  6. Mandi R. says

    ! Would love this (:

  7. Jen L. says

    Organizing…I stink at it. This planner looks awesome!

  8. says

    We have not yet started homeschooling yet as my babies are almost 3 and almost 1, but I know the most difficult thing for me to overcome is going to be my OCD.

  9. Briana L. says

    The most difficult part of homeschooling for me is keeping everything organized. I think a planner like this will make things so much easier to keep it together.

  10. Kjoy says

    I am organizationally challenged. Keeping up with all my kiddos different subjects/schedules is probably the biggest challenge.

  11. says

    I will start off the school year with some great planning, but then I will fall off the planning wagon LOL.

  12. Nila Sheehan says

    I am super organized but last year was our first year homeschooling and I realized how much more organized I need to be. This planner would be a wonderful asset!

  13. Kate-Lyn says

    Looks like an awesome product!

  14. Penelope Lolohea says

    I am in total need of planning help! I created a planner for myself this year, but it turns out it doesn’t have what I need. This planner looks like exactly what I need!

    The most difficult aspect of homeschooling for me, has been deciding on curriculum. We’re 1 month into our school year, and I keep changing things!

  15. says

    I think my most challenging aspect of homeschooling (even after 14 years) is sticking to our schedule… this year we’re doing 6 weeks on/one week off for the entire calendar year – and a planner would probably help me stay on track.
    Going to go check out this planner either way – and I agree – TABS rock! 😉

  16. Heather Schraeder says

    The most difficult thing for homeschooling, as a major introvert, is getting my kids excited to learn or happy to “do school.”

  17. says

    The hardest part of homeschooling planning for me is not so much about planning ahead, but in keeping up with “grading” and logging the things after we do them.

  18. Kathleen P. says

    I have 4 children and the hardest thing for me is to plan lessons. I only plan for science, history, and grammar (which includes literature and composition) but it takes a lot of time.

  19. says

    The most difficult is finding a planner that meets all my needs and doesn’t assume I grade papers.

  20. Kristin says

    I have never heard of this planner before. Soo glad for your review that brought it to my attention, it is definitely on my wish list now. Love the separation for assignments — makes it super easy for keeping everyone’s assignment on one page!

  21. Shannon E. says

    I am in need of a planner yet, for this upcoming homeschool year. The toughest aspect for me, is planning for 3 kids, while figuring or how to occupy 2 toddlers on school days.

  22. Angelle Tibbets says

    I find it hard to stay on task and accomplish all we need to in the day.

  23. says

    I’ve always created my own simple printable for each child that I keep in a binder, but wouldn’t it be lovely to try out this planner? It would see examples of how to use the pages and have the option to include sections I haven’t thought of. Thanks for the opportunity, Tiany, to enter to win!
    Monica recently posted..Raising Tadpoles from Your GardenMy Profile

  24. Aimee G says

    I’m looking for a new planner so I’d love to win this one for free!

  25. says

    I have tried several planners over the years and have never been happy with them. This looks like EXACTLY what I have been searching for!!

  26. says

    Tianny: The planner is awesome and so cute. I am a pen an paper planner….there is something about writing that helps me organized myself better. It helps me plan, meditate while writing and organize my thoughts. I homeschool two busy boys and I am a busy mom trying to accomplish a lot in just 24 hours while keeping balance and glorifying God with it in the process….not an easy task. A planner like this is perfect!
    Mayra – Estilo Familiar recently posted..Una festín de recetas de aguacate #ILoveAvocadosMy Profile

  27. Andrea D says

    would love a planner that can help me stay more organized! the hardest thing for me is staying on track consistantly throughout the year.

  28. Hope C says

    I can always use a good planner. This one looks great.

  29. Jenny S. says

    I love planners! They help us out so much. The hardest thing about planners is to find the time to do it before school starts with our crazy summer schedule.

  30. Victoria says

    I love the way this planner is set up. I really like the simplicity of it, simple but meaty!

  31. Claudia says

    This looks like an amazing planner and I would love to have it. You do amazing things!!

  32. Jennifer M. says

    sticking to a schedule and keeping up with all the field trips.

  33. Angela says

    I love to have the planning calender. It is the only way that I can keep my family organized with appointments and homeschool events.

  34. Heather Passalaqua says

    This would be amazing and a blessing. I know there are many mothers here that need this. It would be so helpful for me because I am homeschooling 4 of my 5 sons. My 5th is 9 mos old. I desperately need to work because we are struggling with a very low income. No money for food and gas for the next 2 weeks… I am working on starting my own business to work from home, starting a blog to earn income , And finding things to sell. Can’t have anyone watch 5 boys everyday for me to work out of the home…. This planner would help with so much of my really busy schedule.
    Praying for peace and strength though- God always provides.
    Thank you so muh for these oppportunities!! God Bless

  35. Tonette says

    Love to be organized, and even better when things go as planned ;). Blessings!

  36. says

    I normally make my own planner, but after seeing this one on another site, I would love to try it out.

  37. Elizabeth Beck says

    This looks soooo cool! I would love to win this! Thanks for providing this opportunity!

  38. Rachel says

    I really need homeschooling planning help. In all honesty, that is the biggest challenge for me. I am not very organized, but I am trying to start this year out with a good plan. This could really help!

  39. Sharon C says

    This is very similar to what I used in the classroom, way to go.

  40. Kendra Artz says

    Would love to win this planner!

  41. Ashley says

    I am in desperate need of a planner!! Starting my 2nd year homeschooling and some organization would be great!!

  42. Micki Talbot says

    I need this planner!!! 🙂

  43. Megan A says

    Great giveaway! Would love to win

  44. says

    Tiany, you always have the best give-aways! And if this is how YOU do what YOU do…everyone needs one!


    I love these! Had one a couple of years ago. They’re beautiful! Hope I win!

  46. Tina says

    I am new to homeschooling so this would be awesome.

    Thanks for having such a great giveaway.

  47. says

    What is the most difficult aspect of homeschooling for you? For me, it is remembering the “Fun work” like art projects, music, even park days with friends, is just as important as Math and History. It is easy to get caught in the “if you would finish your math, we could do this …” trap! Program in joy, it is what they will remember.

  48. Heather Comer says

    The most difficult thing for me is staying organized and on top of things. I have a terrible tendency to get sidetracked every few minutes!

  49. Mary says

    Looks like a great planner. I am not that organized and I’m looking for something to help me with that.

  50. Marla Hood says

    I have homeschooled for 9 years…I have taught with planners and without, but our school year goes so much better when I use a planner!! This is the one I’m going to use this year!! Thanks for showing us!

  51. Carrie says

    The most difficult part of homeschooling for me would be keeping organized. Lol

  52. Tara High says

    I always have a planner for homeschooling. If I win, I won’t have to buy one for this year. They are my life saver during school!!

  53. Samantha DePano says

    This looks awesome!!

  54. Heather says

    As a brand new homeschool mom I would LOVE this planner. This would help me keep everything in check for my first year and help me stay a little more organized as well. While I am only homeschooling 1 right now, it will help me to be prepared for the future when I am homeschool 3. This would be a very awesome give away to win and would really help this new to homeschooling mama out!

  55. KM says

    This year, I want to set goals and plans into our school year; it’s my daughter’s last and I want her to go out with a bang!

  56. MIchelle Barnes says

    I would love to have a planner like this! I definitely think it would be a great asset to our homeschooling!

  57. Melanie says

    I would love this! 🙂

  58. says

    Attitudes and figuring out how to make it enjoyable and get everything done with toddlers, babies, and preschoolers!

  59. Felicia Decker says

    I This planner would make me happy. i am an organizer, but right now i cant afford to buy my planner fir the year. I hope I win this.

  60. Joanie says

    I am a pen and paper kind of gal so I love a a good planner. this one looks amazing.

  61. Teresa Jennings says

    Love this planner!

  62. Sharon says

    The most difficult part for me is the plethora of awesome homeschool material. I want to do it all, but we cannot. So, paring down the list is always a challenge.

  63. Julie K. says

    My problem is deciding what I actually will need in a planner. How much is enough and do I have too much? Or too little????

  64. says

    Have been wanting to venture out from my plain old day to day planner. Just think I need a little more than I’m doing. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  65. Nikki Jackson says

    I have a difficulty making a plan for the year and then following through. I tend to forget to print things out or buy certain supplies.

  66. Shana says

    This is my first year to homeschool. I could really use this planner to stay organized.

  67. Patti P says

    This is a fantastic planner from the looks. I also like the looks of the online version as well.

  68. Tammy F says

    This is definitely something I could use. I do my best to keep organized, but some things still slip by. A good planner would help.

  69. Taylor says

    We’ll be very busy this school year and planner would be an awesome way to stay focused and organized.

  70. Julia says

    I would love to give this planner a try. I need help with organizing our schooling

  71. Sali says

    Planner is so cute. Fingers crossed 🙂

  72. Stacey H says

    This looks like a great planner. I will have 3 to keep organized this year so I definitely need something simple 🙂

  73. missg says

    I would love a HS planner. Ty,

  74. Mandy Biddulph says

    Such and awesome give away and since I’m in need of a planner and havn’t found one that works yet, this would be wonderful to win.

  75. says

    I need a planner because I’m an adult ADHD homeschooling mom to a 9-year old ADHD son and a 5-year old hyper son. ^_^ Such fun but also a constant effort to stay motivated and organized. Whew! ^_^

  76. Jessica says

    I haven’t seen a planner that I like this much!!!

  77. Sally B says

    Love the planner! So elegant and organized 🙂

  78. says

    I usually print out and make my own planner but this year I really just need one that’s already printed for me. The most difficult thing for me is juggling 5 young kids lessons and getting all the basics in.

  79. says

    Excited for the new year and know I need to plan much better! Coordinating all the errands, my work, kids school, family fun and recreation is the hardest part. Look forward to the planner in my hands!!!

  80. Lindsay H says

    I was just looking for a planner! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  81. MonIca ingalls says

    Beautiful planner! I would love to win this, I am not able to afford a planner this year– and need one!

  82. Angela says

    Looks like a great planner! Would definitely enjoy filling it up!!

  83. Melody Majors says

    I am going to try using a planner this year with three little ones schedules to keep up with and a new baby. Hopefully it will help our days go smoothly!

  84. Debi says

    Staying focused while planning is my biggest hurdle.

  85. Kristina says

    Keeping up with the paper work!

  86. Amy D says

    This planner looks useful & it’s beautiful!

  87. Amy Kim says

    I’ve had a hard time finding a planner that suits all my needs. Would love to try this one!

  88. Mary Catone says

    I’ve always wanted a planner, Tiany, and this one is beautiful!!

  89. Denice says

    I could SO use this planner this year! This looks just like what I’ve been looking for!!

  90. Amanda H says

    This will be my first year homeschooling! I would LOVE to win this planner, it looks beautiful and would be so helpful and encouraging!

  91. maha says

    I am just about to get started homeschooling my first, and I think the hardest part for me will be staying on top of things so that I continue to plan ahead. Also, keeping things organized will be a challenge for me!

  92. Sharon Johnson says

    Another great giveaway! Thank you!

  93. Angela Jones says

    Awesome looking planner!

  94. Steph says

    I have been looking for some sort of planner to revamp our life/homeschool schedule. Not a great planning type person, but this planner would certainly help

  95. tiffany quinn says

    Would love to try this!

  96. becky says

    I need help planning and staying on track.

  97. Miki says

    I definitely need a good planner – this looks like a lovely one! Miki

  98. Noella G. says

    This looks fabulous. Love the various sections in it. The color is awesome.

  99. Jessica Ott says

    Yes! I have been looking for a planner and would love to win this one!!!

    • Jessica Ott says

      The hardest part of our homeschool day is staying on track.

  100. Dianne says

    Absolutely. This is our first year at homeschooling, plus we are getting ready to move 1300 miles. I am feeling a little lost and unprepared to get started with homeschooling.

  101. Andrea says

    I would love to try this planner. This will be our second year of homeschooling and I would like to be more organized.

  102. says

    Absolutely love homeschooling. It is important to be organized and have a good planner.

  103. Kirsten says

    looking forward to learning more about this planner!

  104. Tammi Olds says

    i totally love planners and this one is soooo much better than the one I’m using!

  105. Cynthia says

    Oooh.. I’m sold! That looks like a lovely planner! I too am a lover of checklists! 😀

  106. Melanie hill says

    I have such a hard time homeschooling my children because they are so spaced apart. I have a 10th grader a 6th grader and a 1st grader along with a 2 year old. This homeschool planner really looks like it could help my homeschooling experience to much smoother.

  107. Lisa says

    Anything that would help me to be a little more organized, would be welcomed in my house!

  108. Danell Pribis says

    Could use this planner! 🙂

    • Danell Pribis says

      The most difficult aspect of homeschooling is the plan; I generally know what we are doing but the specifics are ill prepared. I usually waver on the amount of work when things start getting difficult to do, learning is stagnant or at a stand still. Too much in the schedule etc. But, when I have a list and know what we are doing, I’m good.

  109. Karie P says

    I need the most help with my 8th grade boy. He has to have clear set assignments or he won’t do any!

  110. Terry says

    Would love to learn how to plan I just can’t get the organized life . hope to win

  111. Brittany P says

    I am totally in need of a planner!! I have a terrible time staying organized & with 5 kids it gets overwhelming quick 🙂

  112. Karyn H says

    This would be a great addition to our homeschool year.

  113. Rachel says

    I am definitely in need of a new planner! The toughest thing about home school planning is having three children who range in age from 14 down to 6.

  114. says

    I’d love to try out this planner! I’m a paper/pen person, I’ve tried doing electronic planning – it’s failing.

  115. Sher says

    I would love to win this planner!

  116. Wendy T says

    So pretty 🙂 Looks like a good way to stay organized.

  117. MamaSewing says

    Sticking to our daily schedule is my biggest hurdle of the school year, there is always something to throw it off and then it is so hard to get back on track.

  118. Misty Lilley says

    I have the most issues with organization and schedules.

  119. Monica says

    I have been looking for a planner. The one I’ve used the last couple of years is good but just wasn’t working for me. This one look amazing! I can’t wait to use it. I definitely need all the planning help I can get!

  120. Michelle says

    My biggest problem is doing too much stuff. Good stuff but I always have to remind myself to choose the best over the good.

  121. katie says

    What a beautiful planner! I’m a pencil-and-paper girl, too (and let’s be honest, an ERASER girl sometimes, too)!

    Hardest thing about homeschool: Balancing the needs of my little “school” with my actual home (laundry, meals) with my church and personal interests.

  122. Autumn says

    I am excited to begin our homeschool journey!

  123. Lisa says

    The most difficult thing for me is planning in the fun activities to go along with the lessons. Some stuff is open and go, so planning ahead isn’t too necessary, but it would be more fun and hands on if I was better about looking ahead so I could line up some activities at the ought time. I really am working on my own time management.

  124. Sara M says

    I’m definitely in need of help. Mental or physical I’m not sure which. Ha ha.

    I struggle to get anything done most days. I’m supposed to homeschool 5 of our soon to be 8 children & I am so overwhelmed.

  125. Amanda says

    I would love to win this. The planner looks great!

  126. Lindsey says

    Great planner! I need this:)

  127. Brent and Christine Carter says

    Looking forward to trying out this planner.

  128. Susannah says

    No need to enter me, just ordered one! Your Pinterest pin came up when I searched “homeschool planners” and I want to thank you for this great post and video. It was exactly the information and views of the pages I needed to make a decision and choose this over other planners I was considering. I used the Ultimate Homeschool Planner last year and loved it, but I believe this one will better suit my needs this year. Thank you again! 🙂

  129. Sally M says

    Looks like a wonderful planner!

  130. Ashley says

    I would love to have this. 🙂

  131. Sheri says

    I am always on the lookout for a new planner. 🙂

  132. Becki says

    Looks like a great planner!

  133. Tammy says

    Starting high school with my ds. This looks like a great planner to keep up with EVERYTHING!!

  134. Melissa says

    I would love to win this.

  135. Theresa says

    This is an awesome planner! I would like this. This is our first year back to homeschooling.

  136. says

    I would love to have this planner! And I definitely need one.

  137. Melissa Bell says

    I need to be able to keep track of what we have done as well as upcoming plans (appts, field trips…)

  138. Deborah says

    I didn’t want to spend the money on a planner this year, but I’m nervous to go without one! This particular one looks very classy. 🙂

  139. Jenn K says

    The most difficult part of homeschooling for me is that i work swing shift while my husband stays home. Trying to write and organize a lesson plan we can follow with the 4 kids is a bit challenging.

  140. Meagan S. says

    This my 1st year of homeschooling and the hardest part so far has been the planning! This planner looks fantastic! 🙂

  141. says

    I would love to win the planner, so I can have all of my important dates, details and information in 1 place and not is several different notebooks.

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