Schooling Through The Holidays – Crafts

Over the next two weeks I will be sharing some of the ways that we school through the holidays. If you missed previous posts, you can view them all here.

Today’s theme in the 10 day series is CRAFTING!

I can honestly say that we do more crafts during the holiday months than we do the entire year. Since we take a break from our formal lessons, we have more time to do crafts and science projects that we might not have time for throughout the year.

Yesterday I shared the many ways that we enjoy the outdoors, making natures crafts, recycled crafts or crafts for table decorations and Christmas gifts is the perfect way to make good use of your outdoor finds.

Making crafts is one of our favorite parts of the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah give us a plethora of options for craft making fun.

Here is one of our favorite crafts…

Pinecone Mouse

Tools and Materials

2 large pinecone scales for the ears
White and brown acrylic paint
Small paintbrushes
1 short piece of twine for tail
1 pinecone for body
Craft glue
1 acorn with cap removed, for the head

1. Cut large scales into rounded ear shapes. Paint inner ears white. Let dry. 2. Paint twine brown for tail; while it’s still wet, twist twine around finger to curl. Let dry. 3. Brush top of pine cone body with glue; attach acorn head. Brush wide end of body with glue; attach tail. Let dry. 4. Brush acorn head with glue; attach ears. Let dry. 5. Paint on brown eyes and nose.

There are a number crafts to be made out of pinecones…

Here is the full list of crafts we refer to year after year…

 Fall Crafts:

Chanukah Crafts:

Christmas Crafts:

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