#Blogust: The Gift Of The Written (or typed) Word

I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. 

~Edward Everett Hale


This post is my contribution to  Shot @ Life’s Blogust campaign, a first-of-its kind, 31-day relay for GOOD! 31 Bloggers have come together to raise awareness and funds to help save children’s lives from preventable diseases such as diarrhea and pneumonia. Every year, 2.4 million children die from preventable diseases despite the availability of effective vaccines.  I visited Guatemala last year and witnessed first hand  the importance of these vaccines as I helplessly watched a very ill child struggling with pneumonia. All children deserve these life saving vaccines and all children deserve the chance to live a healthy, productive life.

The theme for Blogust is “Comments Count”, each blogger will write about someone online that has inspired them through comments and support.

When thinking about someone online that inspires me, I was immediately taken back five years to when I had the misfortune of experiencing a very preventable c-section. I remember feeling broken and disappointed that I had gone against my better judgment. Not disappointed in the beautiful gift I had received in my son but that I had experienced such a traumatic delivery unnecessarily.  I was showered with a number of comments on my “Delivery post”, all of them encouraging and sympathetic. One comment in particular stood out from the rest, it was from a friend named Carrie, who is no longer online.  Her words to me that day were life giving, it was as if she had been sent to lift me out of my funk. One comment, a comment that I printed out, that I go back to often, that I cherish to this day.

I have the great privilege of seeing this gift of the written / typed word from fellow bloggers and community members on a daily basis. As the owner of an online community and a member of a few small groups online, I have seen how quickly comments can encourage a mother feeling desperate and stressed. I have seen love, sympathy and empathy pour out of comments for a fellow mom that has lost a son. Comments have even helped a mother bring down a high fever in the middle of the night. A single comment  was enough to ignite creativity that helped start a successful business.

It is this community of amazing women that inspire me daily to reach higher and work harder to be a better mother, wife, business woman, social good advocate and friend. Not only do they lift each other up, but they help soften the blow when one stumbles and falls.

In much the same way,  we have this opportunity to lift up children in developing countries through our comments!

Our goal was to reach 1,500 comments, each comment initiating a $20 donation to help save a child’s life! The response has been nothing short of A-MAZING!

In only 4 days, we  have already reached our initial goal of 1,500 comments, giving 1,500 children a healthier, happier shot at life! We are continuing this brilliant campaign throughout the month of August and we still need your help as we continue to raise awareness and funds! Anne Geddes has also jumped on board with the Blogust campaign to help us push beyond our initial goals!

Tomorrow, I’m passing the donations baton to Roxanna Sarmiento of Everyday Treats, be sure to visit her site tomorrow and leave a comment there too!

Please give your gift of the written word in the comments below and give a child a shot at life! Who has inspired you online through their comments and or support?

If you want to learn more about Shot@Life, you can find them on  Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. It’s great to that you are taking up this cause! Kudos to all bloggers involved and keep up the good work ;)

  2. Tiany, your words have helped me on so many occasions! Your heart is full of so much compassion and energy. Thank you!
    Chrysula recently posted..Can Anyone Help Save My Child?My Profile

  3. thank you for sharing your experience

  4. Another great post in this ongoing initiative. Thank you for sharing your experience and for helping Shot@Life.

    Proud to be taking part in this project with you.

  5. I’m just really hoping that all comments post 1.500 mark will count for something as well. We need more of these fund-raising events online! Thnx for contributing :)

  6. Mercedes says:

    I love reading all these inspiring posts in sequence! It has made August very special so far, and to think that my comments make a difference to unknown children around the world is an inspiration as well.

    Thank you for your participation!

  7. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!!
    Sarah Hughes recently posted..Our Crayola ExperienceMy Profile

  8. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Jeanette says:

    Powerful community of smart women! Thanks for your blog!

  10. I am so happy there are people out there that can find the right words to say and can be so inspirational to others. Thank You for fighting the good fight
    Lena – @elenka29 recently posted..Learning New Things – Mamavation MondayMy Profile

  11. This is an amazing gift friend. I’m so proud of you and this group for taking a part in the fight! Sweet blessings!

  12. Shot@Life is amazing! Thanks for participating in their Blogust campaign!

  13. Thanks for participating and for the opportunity! I’m a first-time visitor and I look forward to looking around your blog!!

  14. Thank you for sharing! What a wonderful thing!
    Cindy recently posted..Take my pictureMy Profile

  15. Mmmm….oh, sweet words received from friends desiring to encourage, lift up and hold me responsible to my Savior…first and then my family. I am thankful for you and the inspiration and encouragement you provide to so many, Tiany! May God bless this campaign, the hands that type, the ones who comment and those who receive the blessings that will pour out financialy!
    Rebecca recently posted..Rosemary Pork TenderloinMy Profile

  16. Tiany – oh sweet lady, I just love you! YOU always inspire me whether it be online or over coffee. Thanks for giving so much of yourself to others!
    Amy Bayliss recently posted..From the She Speaks Conference!My Profile

  17. “when I had the misfortune of experiencing a very preventable c-section.”

    I’m so sorry that you view the arrival of your child as “misfortune”. This makes me sad.

    I’m glad that Blogust has turned your perceived negative experience into something positive. I hope my comment saves a life!

  18. Kelly,
    No need to feel sad!! The arrival of my child was indeed a gift, almost bleeding to death on the or table not so much. It was a very traumatic delivery with many mishaps, the comments in my delivery post did help me see the entire situation in a different light though. :)

  19. So many different people have encouraged me over the years. I think one very special story is about Tajuana Rhodes. My very first teaching job out of college — I was only 21 — was high school English in a rural area of West Tennessee. Tajuana was one of my students. She was a junior, so I was probably only about 5 years older than she was.

    Well, now Tajuana is a homeschool mom herself. And we communicate via blogs, Google Hangouts, and Facebook about how to best reach kids with notebooking. It’s amazing that our relationship has come full circle like this. Very encouraging!

  20. Rachel M Riley says:

    Thank you for sharing in this journey!

  21. So thrilled about this campaign. What a wonderful thing.
    Jen (Balancing Beauty and Bedlam) recently posted..Tasty Tuesday Announcements & InspirationMy Profile

  22. Thank you for sharing this post! What an amazing campaign!
    Jen from Mom It Forward recently posted..Recipe: How to Make an Easy Fruit PizzaMy Profile

  23. Thank you for your dedication ! Praying as many people leave comments as possible !

  24. Bobbie Howard says:

    What an amazing idea, involving such an amazing woman. You have already changed and challenged the lives of so many homeschooling moms, that seeing you as a part of this absolutely the natural flow of things. I am honored to be able to call this woman my friend and this generation of women nothing sort of miraculous.
    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  25. I think this is wonderful thing to do. Way to go, I hope you collect lots of post. I had a wonderful angel I meet on line 10 years ago. She helped me through a dark time of my life.
    I will always be grateful she took the time to encourage me and comfort me, and all the pep talks we had. She has become one of my dearest friends. We get together once a year. Her name is Jackie.

  26. Tiany, how wonderful that a single comment can still lift you up all these years later! What a testament to the power of one person’s words.

  27. As a pediatrician who has worked both in the US and now overseas, I 100% support this campaign! Let us know how much is raised in the end! Warmly, Eva
    Eva Holsinger recently posted..Swimming UpstreamMy Profile

  28. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to save the life of a child by commenting here.
    Karen recently posted..Note to Peds: They’re Looking For YouMy Profile

  29. This is a wonderful campaign and I truly hope that it will continue to be a success for children all over the world!

  30. these stories of mothers inspiring and helping other mothers does my heart good!

  31. This idea has been incredible and I think it is awesome they reached their goal in 4 days! I have been hesitant to share life events sometimes, but it is amazing the support that you do recieve. There are many others out there in a similar situation and the blogging platform has been amazing to unite causes and voices for action.

  32. Myrdin Thompson says:

    That is one of my favorite quotes! I try to live by that everyday, even if the one thing I do is small to others, it might be monumental to me! We really have no excuse to not be connected and make a difference: a kind word, a reply on a blog post, volunteering everything adds up to make significant change and impact. Thanks!

  33. What a nice post; encouragement, appreciation, and help for others. Thanks for doing this!
    Tiffany recently posted..Back to School 2012!My Profile

  34. I am delighted with how this blog relay is developing. !,500 already is fabulous! Thanks for participating.

  35. It is amazing how this project is attracting attention. Thanks for taking part.

  36. I have a folder in my email client labeled “encouragement.” It’s for all those encouraging emails and comments I receive and don’t want to forget. Sometimes I go through and read them when I need a little dose of encouragement.

    Thanks for taking part is such an amazing endeavor!
    Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers recently posted..How to Plan a Family Game Night for Your Homeschool GroupMy Profile

  37. Melanie Vliet says:

    I am delighted to read of the success of this endeavor in under a week and am encouraged that many more young lives will be saved. It’s shocking to me that merely commenting can result in such a hefty donation, and yet I’ve found no indication online that this claim is bogus. I praise God for the opportunity to so painlessly do so much good.

    • Melanie,
      It is real!! We had donations given up to $30,000 allotted for comments and we are raising even more funds to keep the campaign going! Thanks for your comment!

  38. Thank you so much for helping to change the world today !

  39. Tiany, I love you so and am thankful to call you friend!!! You are so right about comments being uplifting and encouraging. With our family’s current situation, people’s prayers and comments have been wonderful. Hope that many comment to help raise the money.

  40. There is something elementally powerful about the written word and its ability to invoke a litany of emotions. How much time is spent on social media/blogs venting about an irrelevant topic? Want a beautiful mantra to mediate on as a reminder that every breath and every word are not empty. Thank you for this!

  41. Wonderful work, keep it up :D
    Friends are so important, and their live giving words so dear, whether across the globe or local and near ;0)
    Jenn M recently posted..Progressing Right Along…My Profile

  42. I have been inspired by my online friend Jen Grice. Hopefully one day I will get to meet her in person. What a cool campaign Tiany I wish you all the luck in reaching your goals.
    kathy balman recently posted..Review Addition Teaching and Learning Made EasyMy Profile

  43. Chenoa Alamu says:

    Hi Tiany!

    It’s because of your written words that breed such passion that I now have the courage to homeschool. I figure if you can do it with 4 precious boys than I can with my darling daughter! Thanks for being an awesome role model and I pray you reach your goal!

  44. Justin Maddox says:

    You are quite correct, ma’am. Comments can be a great source of elation in an otherwise dreary setting. Thank you for driving the point of all this effort home by mentioning your trip to Guatemala. Thank you further for your effort in being a part of this great humanitarian effort. God bless your path of motherhood.

  45. Your contribution is a good and important one!

  46. danielle says:

    such a great quote and contribution!

  47. Thanks for sharing your story – glad I can help contribute through my comment! :)
    Rebecca Rider recently posted..30 Things to Do Instead of Eating MindlesslyMy Profile

  48. So glad to see you in this wonderful community effort. That quote is amazing – I hadn’t come across it before and now it’s going to be a new favorite. Thank you.
    Mom101 recently posted..Own it. Yes, you.My Profile

  49. Thank you for your inspiring post. I so happy to be a part of this great cause.
    Jill Greenlaw recently posted..Parenting Teens: How to Help Your Teenager Find the Right JobMy Profile

  50. Thank you for doing this! (And that is an amazing quote!)

  51. Priscilla Gonzales says:

    Good luck on your mission :)

  52. LOVE this!!!

  53. So many amazing women online have inspired me! I have so many dreams beyond myself and my home… and I know these women who I call friends {a lot of them best friends} would back me on anything I feel God leading me to do. It’s so great to have an online source of support.

    Thank you Tiany for all that you do! You are one person who takes care and does so much for so many people. Keep doing all that you can! You’re inspiring!
    Jen @ Gricefully Homeschooling recently posted..1000 Facebook Likes CASH GiveawayMy Profile

  54. Awesome theme! When my youngest son, Logan, was born and spent the first week of his life in the NICU, with a very uncertain prognosis…I was in awe of the love and faith poured out on me and my family through comments on my blog. Blessings to you all!
    Crystal @ Serving Joyfully recently posted..Simple Supppers: Chicken Pot Pie CasseroleMy Profile

  55. I am happy to post a comment. Happy to help.

  56. This is awesome! Congratulations on reaching your goal, and I love to help in preventing preventable diseases. I was in Africa 2 years ago and left my heart there with some children in the Kibera slum who struggle to eat everyday. Thanking God for all those who step up and DO SOMETHING, including you and all the bloggers participating.

  57. This is such an awesome idea! I hope that this article will inspire others to do something similar!

  58. YOu were sent to me today at exactly the right time to see that quote. Thank you!

  59. Love this idea and I pray it helps lots of children!

  60. Fantastic post and an amazing cause!

  61. Words are such powerful things. The change lives, worlds, futures and fates. How luck we are to be members of a community that uses them for good!

  62. I love this cause, Tiany! Beautiful words!!! :)
    Sue Gallaher recently posted..Waiting for WingsMy Profile

  63. This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing and participating in a wonderful cause! God bless!

  64. How wonderful to know that our thoughts and desires to help children around the world can actually help them!

  65. Michelle H says:

    Where two or more are gathered….

  66. So true about the joys…but sometimes pitfalls of online communities. I so wish they were “invented” when I first gave birth b/c I would have loved to have had the support that I see women giving each other in various communities that I’ve joined in recent years. If only we could all support one another face to face as often and as freely as we do online the world would be a shinier place!

  67. Anyone who says that online friends are not “real” friends is sadly mistaken. People provide great support in various situations, and I’ve tried to do the same. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several blogger friends in real life, and it’s always been a wonderful experience!
    Beth recently posted..Dammit, Jim, I’m a vacationer, not a blogger!My Profile

  68. Awesome cause!!!

  69. WONDERFUL!!!

  70. Awesome cause!!!!

  71. What a great post! you inspired me for sure. Thank you for joining this cause and for making a difference in the lives of soooooo many people.
    AnaRC recently posted..You can help achieve the Millennium Development Goals with your commentsMy Profile

  72. Such a beautiful post, Tiany! I loved the quote you chose. There are so many online friends that inspire me on a daily basis I cannot just think of one. Un abrazo!
    Jeannette recently posted..Si crees que el desayuno es importante, ¡participa y podrías ganar!My Profile

  73. Allison H says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiencing, and for participating in such an important effort.

  74. God Bless you, Tiany!

  75. Rose Lanigan says:

    I think this campaign is brilliant and thank you for the post, I love that we can all take strength from each other and enjoy the great online community :-)

  76. Thank you so much for reminding me of the power of kind words. It is easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of negativity, but just one person’s kindness can pull us out of that funk and help us to “pay it forward”. Also, thank you for participating in Shot@life’s Blogust–what a great cause!

  77. Thank you for this post!

  78. I love reading how comments have helped so many through difficult times and now how these comments are saving lives. Go Shot@life–Blogust ’12–and Bloggers!!!
    Rachel Fox recently posted..Why Disney?My Profile

  79. At the end of the day, this post reminds me its about community — something I pray we can give to all mothers and fathers around the world who don’t gather the way we do in our online spaces.
    Chrysula recently posted..Can Anyone Help Save My Child?My Profile

  80. You have long been an inspiration and an encouragement. What a beautiful thing you’re doing, sharing your experiences and helping so many others in the process. Blessings!
    Wendy recently posted..MiraclesMy Profile

  81. Missy Smith says:

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  82. Wonderful post and thanks for helping spread the word of Shot@Life and the power of comments! As a fellow Shot@Life advocate, I too am inspired by the cause and am amazed by the support we’ve received through our online communities!

  83. Twyla Miller says:

    I have no great gift of speech but cannot miss the chance to help someone else. Keep up the good work.

  84. I have found great support by amazing and smart women in a few different online communities, and am very thankful that these types of support systems exist to bring people together that otherwise would never cross paths.

  85. Tardis_blue (@tardis_blue) says:

    What a fun and interesting way to fundraise. And such a worthy charity! This atheist is glad for the opportunity to participate. Thanks!

  86. Margaret O'Callaghan says:

    Its great that you are. Supporting this cause along with us homeschooling Mums really appreciate the comments and it often gives my day a lift. Thank you once again and God Bless

  87. Tiany, you always have words of encouragement for everyone whether it be in person or through the online community. It’s nice to know that just a comment can help those in need.
    Candi Lindsay recently posted..A Night of CateringMy Profile

  88. Tiany! You are an amazing women! I am so honored to be your friend and sister in Christ. You are a true inspiration through so many means. What a gift God has given me through our friendship! :-) What an awesome post!

  89. Blogust is an incredible fundraising effort, but it is so lovely too to offer this daily commentary on people, communities, and situations that inspire us. It is uplifting to hear each new host.

    Thank you.
    adrienne recently posted..Conserve Your Energy (and Your Home’s) with Bathroom Fan Timers & DewStop Condensation SensorMy Profile

  90. Stephanie says:

    It is so noice to see women helping and supporting each other. Often times women are tearing each other down and competing against each other. What a great cause to show how many great people are willing to leave a comment to help save a child.

  91. What a great cause!

  92. The written word is really so powerful. We can ponder it. Treasure it. And in this case, even use it for social good! Thanks for being part of such an important campaign. Hopefully, Blogust will not only provide much-needed vaccines for children in developing countries, but will also help people in more privelaged countries to recognize how important our vaccination programs have been in reducing the incidence of disease – giving us all a shot at a healthy and productive life!
    Christine Vara recently posted..The Pertussis Outbreak and the Impact of VaccinationMy Profile

  93. Paula Bertels says:


  94. I love this idea! I’m happy to comment to help out. :)

    I have met so many wonderful people online who have served as a source of inspiration, encouragement, and support to me. I love it when the internet works that way!
    Jennifer recently posted..We Choose Virtues Sale!My Profile

  95. I have been inspired by a blogging group I am part of. Such a wonderful group of helpful, encouraging and supportive women. Love it!! :)
    Jennifer_Studio JRU recently posted..diy window cling {project}.My Profile

  96. What a wonderful way to bless others! Great post!

  97. Felisa Hilbert says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience and supporting such a worthy cause. every child deserve a chance to live and grow older!

  98. I think this is absolutely fabulous and worthwhile!

  99. Encouragement and support from others is so important to every day situations, whether from an online source or a physical one.
    Thank you bloggers for this wonderful idea to help needy childrent

  100. Thank you so much for the opportunity to help. I feel so atrongly as a mom and nurse that this can save lives. Well done.

  101. Awesome! Thanks for blogging!

  102. Thanks for participating in such a great campaign!
    Serena recently posted..SMALL ACTSMy Profile

  103. This has been a blessing to see so many children served by just a comment! My life at the homeschoollounge has always been short but SWEET! Getting quick advice on the chat or adding my 2 cents to something I have a little idea about is always fun! thanks for the website and the chance to give by just logging on! may the people who organized this find extra cash because I think this might explode!

  104. What an amazing way to help kids! Thank you so much for sharing.

  105. So glad I heard about this.
    Jennifer recently posted..LeapFrog Learning BusMy Profile

  106. Thanks for doing this, a very valuable cause. My favorite blog is Dig This Chick by Nici Holt Cline in Missoula, MT

  107. Thanks so much for doing this!

  108. Mackenzie says:

    THANK YOU for being a part of this awesome fundraiser for such a neat organiation! It’s people like you who keep me motivated to keep doing good!!

  109. Glad to see that the campaign is exceeding your goals. I’ve been trying to keep current on it and comment every day.
    Adrian recently posted..Support Shot@Life during the Month of BlogustMy Profile

  110. What an inspirational post. Glad I can be part of an worthy cause.

  111. Tiany, I have been following your blog since the early homeschoolblogger days. It has been so neat to see your online ministry grow (and to see your boys growing up into such fine young men!). May God richly bless this fund raiser — what a wonderful way to use what He has given you all online and use it to help these children. Thank you!

  112. Beautiful post, my friend.

  113. You are such an inspiration and I hope you know it!. Thank you for letting us help a little bit with our comments and make a contributions that can impact so many lives

  114. I was just reading an excellent book entitled, Kisses From Katie, tonight and it deals with the poverty in Uganda and encourages us all to do SOMETHING to help the children in need around us. Thank you for what you are doing!
    Jennifer recently posted..Currclick Lego ClubMy Profile

  115. What a wonderful campaign! Words are a beautiful thing aren’t they? I love that we choose to lift one another up and pray that one day, we will hear more about the positive comments we leave, as women, than the negative ones that aren’t worth our time.

    Sili recently posted..Handwriting with HallmarkMy Profile

  116. Elizabeth says:

    What a combination of blessings: a reminder to use our words to build others up and a reminder to reach out and hlp others in need. Thank you for being such a inspiration.

  117. So happy to support this cause. Thanks for all of your support! I just love The Homeschool Lounge, thank you!

  118. Wonderful cause and article. I suffered several miscarriages and it was through an online community I found the strength to try again. Keep writing!

  119. Yay for words of love and changing lives!

  120. Well, first of all… YOU have inspired me in so many ways. Truly. And this post? Above and beyond! What a tremendously wonderful thing to do!

    I may mostly “lurk” on your blog and The Homeschool Lounge, but you are most definitely appreciated. Thank you for taking part in this effort with Blogust!

    God bless!
    Angie recently posted..Back To School Week: You’ve Got A Friend In MeMy Profile

  121. Wow – glad to hear that the campaign has already reached more than 1500 comments! I love your photo from Guatemala – my husband and I met there in the Peace Corps, so it’s a place that’s always in our hearts, despite time and distance.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog!
    Elise recently posted..Park It – Retroactive VersionMy Profile

  122. I am so glad that putting a comment on here will help someone else. Blessings to you!

  123. Loving blogust!!! I hope I’m not too late. You’re amazing for writing this, and so inspiring. :D
    Michele recently posted..Inspiration comes in wavesMy Profile

  124. So happy that you are able to touch the lives of many. I am so glad to call your friend!
    Carlie @ So You Call Yourself A Homeschooler? recently posted..What Curriculum Are You Using This Year? {2012-2013}My Profile

  125. I trust God will use your efforts to bring life-saving vaccines to children.

  126. This is awesome!

  127. It’s true, as a blogger the comments made by readers can really warm your heart when they are kind. You are amazing to do your part to bring life saving vaccines to kids around the globe.

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  128. Words definitely make a difference. I am glad people are speaking up for those in need!

  129. Vilma Peralta says:

    Living in a thirld world country, I know how important your volunteer work is for all these malnourished and sick children. It is the because of people like you that they get to live a better life. God Bless you always Tianny. I am very proud to be your aunt and godmother.

  130. Thanks for helping to give children and moms a voice. What a great idea and how neat to see mother’s hearts united all around the world. Ann (a Texan living in Russia!)

  131. This is such a great campaign! Love it!
    Meghan @JaMonkey recently posted..Starting Preschool #WWMy Profile

  132. Keep the comments going !

  133. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing and inpsiring.

  134. Great cause. Wonderful. I was involved as Peace Corps Volunteer for two years, not recently. I thought of it recently (I was in Africa), when I saw this picture.

  135. Jenny Lu says:

    Great post! Thank you for sharing your experience and supporting Shot@Life!!

  136. What a beautiful post. So glad to help make a difference!
    Jessica @FoundtheMarbles recently posted..Thoughtful Thursday Blog Hop: Take a Shot at LifeMy Profile

  137. So glad this campaign is doing so well. Your post is a great reminder how we can impact someone’s life with “just a comment”

  138. amazing! kudos!

  139. Five years ago I was gifted my sweet boy via a C-section as well, as much as it was not my plan. It was however necessary, and I trusted the doctors’ and midwives’ assessment. I’m just curious as to what you mean by a preventable C-section. In any case, one moves on from the experience which is a really minute detail in raising a child, which you clearly have. Well done on the blog.

  140. I’ve found so much support and inspiration from my online friends, from an exchange student site to pro-vaccine parenting sites, my life has been enriched by these people from the world over.

  141. I am a human rights defender and peace activist. I belong to India but assume myself a global citizen. This is really a very nice campaign. I wish to thank all the participants here. Wishing a great success to all of you.

  142. I’m running a half marathon to raise funds for a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. On my online donation site people can leave comments and I love it so much! I plan to print out the comments on individual pieces of paper to pull out randomly during my 21.1K trek. When I feel like I can’t run any longer – those words will keep me going!
    Brandy Robertson recently posted..The Hot Guy at the GymMy Profile

    • bahut sahi…Neeta ji ekdam sahi baat kahi… aur ekdam sahi mudda uthaya… akaajal is net ke chakkar mei to pata nahi sabhi ko kya ho gaya hai…n specially females ka to aise logon se yunhi pala padta rahta hai…

  143. Yay for comments that make a difference! :)

    Karen from Chookooloonks recently posted..#hasselbladfriday, roll #18: the eiffel tower, reduxMy Profile

  144. This is a good thing you guys are doing.
    I am grateful there are people like you guys in this world to help out those children in need.<3 <3 <

  145. My mom is my inspiration. She didn’t have the opportunity for a vaccine, to save her from the ravages of MS. Yet she perseveres daily to maintain the faith that someday she’ll run again, walk again, or even just eat a sandwich on her own again. Here’s to hoping no one else has to wait for that.

  146. Thanks for highlighting how conversations online can really support us when we need it.

  147. I am so honored to be a part of this campaign with you!
    Renee J. Ross recently posted..A Shot@Life Thank You!My Profile

  148. Tianney — great to see you in Blogust! Here’s to one more life-saving comment for a child in the developing world!

    Jen :)

  149. I’m loving reading all these personal stories about comments and inspiration. I wonder if our readers ever really know the impact they have on us. Thanks for sharing your story!
    Fadra recently posted..HELP! Kindergarten is approaching!!My Profile

  150. Tiany,

    It’s no surprise that the studies show we women find real and meaningful support online. Thanks for sharing your story.
    GCarroll recently posted..Gabby and the First Lady: From One Important Role Model to Another!My Profile

  151. It’s when people care enough about others that really lifts one’s spirits. You are amazing, all of you who have bonded to give these children a shot at life once more. I salute you all! Hoping to have more join the movement.
    CreditDonkey recently posted..American Express Blue for Business ReviewMy Profile

  152. Go Shot @ Life!
    Ewokmama recently posted..To Have…Or Not To Have AnotherMy Profile

  153. Justin Gronfur says:

    Thank you for being an advocate of such a great cause as Shot@Life and thank you for your blog.

  154. Anyone raising four boys is a hero of mine. I admire this great cause!

  155. if I can help give Children a shot at life then I’m all for it thank you for caring and writing a post I have two boys of my own and I’ll do anything to help them grow up strong and safe I wish the same for all children

  156. Your heart for people shines through your words each time I read one of your pieces. I am happy to know a fellow philanthropist such as you. Thank you for taking the Shot@Life Touch and sprinting with it! Huge Hugs!
    LaShaun Martin recently posted..VIDEO: Day 25 – Juicing Feast (Fast)My Profile

  157. It was the sharing of experiences such as your preventable C-section that inspired and empowered me 11 years ago to seek the kind of childbirth experience that was right for me and my family. Sharing is empowering!

  158. This is a fantastic initiative, raising awareness, raising funds and making it easy for us mouse-potatoes to get involved and help out.
    It should also encourage us to think – and discuss – the necessary education campaigns that should accompany such immunisation drives. There is still a lot of ignorance to be overcome, even in developed countries such as the USA, and unfortunately, we are now also dealing with the backlash of the covert operations in Pakistan that took place under the guise of vaccination campaigns.
    Lots of work to do, but, as the famous proverb says, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
    Thank you for participating!

  159. Comment #2 for me because I just love this idea so much!
    I recently got back from a wonderful weekend in Ottawa Canada with an organisation that is near and dear to my heart. World University Service of Canada (WUSC) works to bring students from refugee camps in Africa and Asia to study in Canadian universities and colleges. I told everyone about Blogust and what a great fundraising initiative it is. What I wouldn’t give to find a generous donor to contribute to WUSC’s Student Refugee Program (SRP) in the same way! I am currently fundraising in my own small way for the SRP by challenging myself to run a half marathon in December and blogging about it here:http://21kforchange.blogspot.c
    Communities, be it online or otherwise, coming together for a cause is just so incredibly inspiring to me!
    Thank you, Tiany, for taking part!
    Brandy Robertson recently posted..Inspirational Runners – Tahmina Kohistani EditionMy Profile

  160. I keep blogging after all these years because of the support. It’s a great community.
    Suebob recently posted..In Suebob’s WorldMy Profile

  161. Thank you SO much for writing for Shot@Life and Blogust. It’s so great to know that writing this = a kid getting a chance. Yay!!

  162. To answer your question, the WorldMomsBlog.com mom community inspires me.

    Thank you for joining the Shot@Life for Blogust!

  163. It’s so great to see you all being a part of this campaign. I hope many children receive help because of this and who knew that comments could do so much!
    Melanie Edwards – ModernMami.com recently posted..Puerto Rican Pastelón (Plantain Lasagna) {Recipe}My Profile

  164. I’m hoping that additional comments count towards the total. I’m making a second pass through the calendar to catch a few days I missed the first time around.
    Adrian recently posted..Smart Money: Used vs. New?My Profile

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