Bed Time and Teeth Brushing Tactics

After having four boys and often struggling with bed time and teeth brushing, I found that consistency makes all the difference. Giving our boys a consistent bed time routine and wind down time prepares them for bed without the struggles. Bed time is predictable and they know exactly what to expect.

We try to make teeth brushing as fun as possible since this is usually where the resistance takes place. Here are a few of our teeth brushing tactics…

  • We use a timer in the bathroom for the older boys, anyone can do anything for two itty bitty minutes! We have invested in the fun tooth brushes that play songs for two minutes for the little boys. Having a fun song to get them through brushing always helps. We have a cute and funny song we call “Brusha Brusha Brusha” I would sing this daily when they were little. {I still bust it out when needed}
  • We let the boys pick out their toothpaste, character flossers and mouthwash. If they are using what they like, they are more likely to want to brush.
  • My four year old loves his Buzz Lightyear Flossers and yet flossing can still be a challenge. It’s mundane, boring and my little guy does not like to sit still for long. Make flossing fun and turn it into a game. Go hunting for the colored plague monsters and take them out one by one! Play the guessing game to guess what the little one ate that day while your flossing their teeth…”I see you ate green broccoli on this tooth” you can make this fun and make up foods.
  • Lastly, we make sure brushing is part of our nightly routine. We have wind down time where we dim the lights and watch The Berenstain Bears together on Sprout. The Pajanimals have the cutest bed time clips to get the littles (and not so littles) prepared for whats to come. After Sprout, we brush, get into PJ’s, read our read aloud, say prayers and tuck in boys. I have to sing the Pajanimals song – “La-La-Lullaby” with my Noah each night too. So sweet!

How do you handle bed time in your home?

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